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Empreinte Bras - In-Pulse Intiale Sports 07200 - Bubble Pink

Empreinte Bras - In-Pulse Intiale Sports 07200 - Bubble Pink


French lingerie brand Empreinte has been fine-tuning its fit and support since 1946 – a timeline that includes 12 years of expertise in seamless lingerie – and now it’s taking that savoir-faire and channeling it into the brand’s first-ever activewear line.

IN-PULSE is the culmination of three years of development, research, and rigorous testing. “We transferred our expertise into the activewear world with new fabrics, functionality, and accessories resulting in a range that offers exceptional performance.

The INITIALE sports bra is underwired, but you wouldn’t know it from how it feels. “We made the choice to have wires on our sports bra as in a regular bra. However, these wires are integrated into the structure of the bra so that they cannot be felt on the body during activities.
The bra, although designed to be lightweight, significantly reduces bounce even for fuller busts, and even for high-intensity sports. Many sports bras have racerback or crossover straps for added support, and the INITIALE includes that option. It has discreet clasp fastenings where the cups join to the straps, allowing you to easily convert them to a crossover style without taking the bra off.

The INITIALE sports bra will keep you feeling both confident and comfortable, whether you’re darting across a tennis court or powering through a kick-boxing class.

The range also uses fabrics that are soft to the touch, with the cups made from a spacer fabric for breathability and rapid drying. The shorty has flat seams and a chic-but-comfy wide elastic waistband.